Successful team building days are not hard to organise when you work with Mark Kempner, but there are things to be clear about before you commit…


1. Why do you want a team building day?

You have to be clear about what you want to achieve – besides a fun day out for your teams. Make a list of your objectives and discuss them with us so that we can advise on what will work best for you. Also, it’s best if your day is part of a bigger plan to boost staff morale.That way, the effect of the day lasts so much longer.

2. What will work best?

Think what you should spend (especially if there have been economies in the office) Consider the age and fitness of your people, the implications of the weather and, again, your objectives. Making a TV ad indoors might be more sensible than being out on a treasure hunt, for example. Never try to force your people to do anything that they find uncongenial. You’You will defeat the whole object. Ask us for our advice — we’we have got 23 years of experience to draw on, ALSO, ask your own people. Sound them out on what they might enjoy most. This kind of consultation and discussion can be another element in your team-building.

3. Be practical and objective.

Don’t aim too high and try to achieve too much in one day. And NEVER choose an event because it’s your own personal favourite. You must pick something that you KNOW will engage the interest and co-operation of everyone. Remember, it’s all about cementing your people together.

4. Beware of favouritism.

Some people want to be in the same team as the boss. Others fear it. You have to avoid any hint of favouritism or elitism. So, pick your teams entirely according to the balance of skills, ages and genders, and make this clear to everyone in advance.

5. Get the venue right.

If you choose the venue yourself, be SURE that the location, accessibility and venue staff are all suitable for the event you want. And you MUST discuss this with us in advance. Best of all, rely on our venue-locating skills and experience to get it exactly right for you. It’s another responsibility you can delegate to TrueView with full confidence..