Securing an event sale and how we do it!

So there I was attending an acting role audition for TV, close to Tottenham Court road. (Like most of my teambuilding event team, we are a collective of professional writers actors and filmmakers!)  After the audition, as usual, I checked the TrueView phone for emails and noticed one from a well-known management consultant requesting information on one of our bespoke murder mystery days.

Having seen that they were based close to where I was, I thought I’d go one stop on the tube and call them back from there!

I called them up and told them that I was about 1 min from their offices, but was told the event was to be secret and so we met up 10 mins later in a cafe around the corner from their head office!

They had very specific requirements regarding venue, location, budget and itinerary for 100 delegates who had to start with a conference first.  They also wanted their 10 teams to be active for the event duration.

None of this represented a problem from my point of view, I have been the creative force behind TrueView teambuilding events for over 23 years.  I recognised a long while ago that you have to offer clients much more than off the shelf packages and be willing to go the extra mile.

Within a few days following my event proposal, which as ever, was brimming with suggestions and ideas as well as a detailed quote, we were chosen to run the event and stage the Murder mystery teambuilding day.

If you are planning a team building event day and one that encompasses your company values that gets your teams working together creatively and efficiently, call us now!

Mark Kempner: Creative director: 01242 699449