How long have you been in business?

TrueView Events started in 1991

Do you carry public liability?

YES! We carry full £5 million public liability insurance.

Are you VAT registered?

No, we are not vat registered.

We have found some companies just offering standard packages, are you more flexible than that?

Definitely! We always try and accommodate anything our clients throw at us. As far as we are concerned, nothing is set in stone.

We do not have time to do loads of organising prior to the event day?

You do not need to worry! We will do as much of the work as we can on your behalf. We always aim for a situation where our clients can simply turn up and enjoy the event day with their colleagues.

What about finding and arranging a venue?

We can sort out the ideal venue on your behalf. We only need some information from you on your preferred location and venue budget. We will then do the ground work for you and find you the perfect venue.

Do you attend pre-event meetings?

Yes of course. Unless it can easily be sorted out via emails and phone, we are quite happy to attend client meetings. If you require extra meetings, we may have to charge a small fee to cover travel expenses.

Where in the UK are you based?

We are based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

How far are you prepared to travel?

We take our events all over the UK and Europe. We have been as far as Qatar before now. We can bring our events to just about anywhere you wish.

Where do you find your staff and actors?

All our staff are handpicked or sourced when we meet them at other events. Over the years, this means we now have an excellent range of industry professionals at our disposal.

We usually use agencies for our team building activities, why should we come direct to you?

We respect agencies, more often than not we will get the call by the agency in any case!  we also recognise they can be useful for those wanting one point of contact for the whole event. However, we offer you a similar experience and service. You will also save agency commission fees by coming to us directly. By dealing with us, you will be talking to the personnel who will be there on the event day.

We are an events organiser, are you happy to work with us under our banner if required?

Yes! We have worked for some of the biggest corporate agencies in the business. We always respect your clients and make sure we communicate effectively at all times.

How much notice do you need for each booking?

As long as we are free and can meet the booking, very little. We were once rung in the morning by a desperate client who had been let down by their murder mystery company for the same evening. We sourced our usual cast, sorted out the printing, and provided the show without a hitch that night!

Why do you not put your prices on the website?

Simply because each event is quoted for on an individual basis. The more detail you can provide with your initial enquiry, the more accurate we can be with our quote.

Are you competitively priced?

You may find much cheaper companies than ourselves. However, we offer a high standard of professional service, and remain competitively priced.

How do you handle the paperwork and booking?

As soon as you wish to make a booking, we will issue a very simple contract and deposit invoice. In most cases, we prefer fees to be settled on the event day, but we are happy to fit in with your payment terms of up to 30 days.  As soon as we have received your signed contract, the event booking is secure.

Can we book your actors for Role play training sessions?

Yes. Most of our actors have a high degree of experience in this field.

We were thinking of filming our event day, is this possible?

Yes. We can provide this service for you. We will edit the event footage and put it all to DVD after the event day. Alternatively, if you are stopping on for dinner after the event, we can show you and edited account of this after dinner.

 Film Making Days

Do you provide all the cameras and equipment?

We provide everything you require to run and stage a Film making day.

Is the equipment you provide up to standard?

We use top of the range 3xchip DV cameras. These are vastly superior to the single chip domestic camcorders found in the large superstores! We also use proper professional fluid head tripods and high end microphones, ensuring excellent quality picture and sound.

Do we operate the cameras and do the filming ourselves?

Yes! We show you how to use the cameras, and we are there throughout to offer technical advice, tips and help if required.

Can we sit in on the editing process?

Yes! We know some companies frown on this, we actively encourage it! You get a say in titles, sound FX, music and more. Its your movie, so you tell us what is required.

Do you provide professional actors to help us at the film day?

Yes! Our actors are on hand all throughout the day. They will offer teams excellent advice and filming tips.

Do your actors take part in our movies?

We are happy to take roles, but we prefer it if you do the acting yourselves.

Do you provide costumes and props?

We can do. Whatever you would like us to provide we will purchase and bring with us on the day, or order it in on your behalf.

How many persons should we have in each team?

10-12 is ideal. We can accommodate any number of players within reason.

Can we have DVD's of the movies after the event?

Yes! We take away the edited movies and polish up the editing as well as put each teams movie on a menu, on the DVD. We can also provide a full duplication service.

Murder Mystery Days

What about themes for other murder mystery packages?

All our other murder mystery events are written to order.

How many persons should we have in each team for the murder days?

8-10 per team is ideal, but we hold no hard and fast rules. We will accommodate different numbers of you prefer.

How long does a murder mystery day last?

We construct each event to your specific requirements and itinerary. In general to get the best out of the event: we start a Murder day around 10:am – break for lunch for an hour, with the suspects if required – stage the summing up over afternoon tea at around 4pm. However, it’s your event and so we can accommodate your required schedule.

Murder Mystery Dinners

Are your Murder Mystery show dinners themed?

We have 4 scripted murder mystery shows including….

  • Superb Victorian murder packed with clues, booing, hissing and cheering.
  • Lets all pull together, Dads Army style, 2nd World War theme.
  • Medieval Black Adder styled show, someone wants to murder Lord Percy!
  • Death on the Nile theme, murderous antics in the valley of the Kings

We are working on a St Tinian’s show, as well as a Murder Mystery panto.

Can you provide a traditional Cluedo style murder dinner entertainment?

Our murder mystery days are totally different from our murder dinner shows, and packed with highly interactive sleuthing. We can do this for evening dinners, but we like to be unique, as the murder dinner Cluedo packages are what all the others are doing! Check our website soon, as we are writing a new format to encompass the more traditional sleuthing nights.

How long is an evening Murder mystery?

They normally start after drinks at around 7:30pm and end over coffee at around 10:30pm